Guerrilla Gravity Megatrail Review: All of the Metal and More


Although this website is fat-tire themed, I have a cycle-love for most, if not all mountain bikes including my Guerrilla Gravity Megatrail. In January of 2021 I ordered my first all-mountain/enduro sized bike. Guerrilla Gravity builds some awesome four-bar bikes and a stout and wicked hardtail, the Pedalhead. With both a headset and rocker link … Read more

Specialized Turbo Levo Review

For several years e-bikes have been gaining traction in the world of mountain biking and I have finally gotten to test a few. Why not try out one of the best out there? The Specialized Turbo Levo seems to be at every trail head and leads the charge up the mountain. My wife and I … Read more

Trek Farley EX Review

trek fat bike

Although the moniker of this webpage indicates that it is all about fat bikes, the idea really encompasses all two wheeled “fat” machines that are intended for off-road riding. Everything from enduro rockets to plus sized hard tails will get attention here. With that said, my first review has got to be about my personal … Read more